Frequently Asked Questions

  • What locations can I enter?

    You can try the following suggestions, depending on how much you know about your location:

    • A place, e.g. Hyde Park
    • A hotel, e.g. Burj Al Arab
    • A conference venue, e.g. Messe Frankfurt Venue
    • An office building, e.g. Empire State Building
    • A business, e.g. Harrods
    • An address, e.g. 146 Tipu Sultan Road
    • A postcode/zipcode, e.g. NW8 7RG

  • What purpose does the compass icon serve?

    Qibla Direction locates the Qibla using Google Maps. However, Google Maps is guaranteed to work only on well-known web browsers and the red line showing the prayer direction may not be displayed on older web browsers. We have developed a special "emulator" in order to superimpose a red line within these older browsers once it has been activated by pressing the compass icon.

  • What is the Basic version of Qibla Direction?

    There are many web browsers in existence and not all of them are guaranteed to work with Google Maps, especially browsers on mobile phones. The "Basic" version is a cut-down version of Qibla Direction with reduced functionality, but this way you can avoid disappointment if you have an older mobile phone.